My Facebook ads are not showing. Please Help

My app is already live on Playstore. I checked all blockes and still couldn’t find any reason. But the older app is showing some ads. I added app-ads.txt. But I am not using bidding (using facebood ads only).
Please guide me to find the reasons and to solve it. Thanks in advance.


Error msg everytime:


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@Poonam_Rani i think facebook is not able to get your app did you added ads.txt file on your server?

Thanks for your response.
The app is already verified with app-ads.txt (using blogger).

when I did google.Someone said bidding is mandatory after FEB 2023. Is it true?
I also found it on official - audience-network bidding overview".

If bidding is important :
Please tell compatible ad-networks for good ecpm.
is admob supported?

Thanks in advance

Go through these guides :