Applovin ad Blocks Set Up (With and without bidding)

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In this guide i am going to share the block setup for applovin ads
and this is in 2 parts:-
Part 1 : Blocks without bidding
Part 2 : Blocks with Bidding

So now let’s start

Setup of Applovin ads without bidding :-



Setup of Applovin ads with bidding :-

Components : -

Note:- There is some twist in loading max banner ad

So we will take a horizontal arrangement and we will ad the banner ad component in that horizontal arrangement and set the height of Horizontal Arrangement to 8 % and width to 90% or you can set automatic and fill parent
I have set height to 8% and width to 90%

Now How to Load Banner Ad
We will use a clock component to load max ad properly
Properties of clock




@im_neodeveloper for providing aia file
@MD_SB for helping me

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Amazing bro :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

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Thank you so much for this, Now is every thing ok. Enjoye With Niotron,

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Nice guide @iaditya_nanda

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one more twist i have search. i tell u at night. very helpful for MAX banner.

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i need to load banner and interstitial ad on every screen sdk installed or just in screen one

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in every screen do same

Dear All Screens not working please help me

@Sanvi You need to add the ads component on all the screens and make the same block for all

There is no native ad blocks for Applovin can you please provide ads Applovin native ad which bidding.

@iaditya_nanda Bro, can you tell me how much fill rate of Applovin ads network. Because I’m thinking about to use it.

I personally not have much experience of this as I haven’t use this ad network sorry maybe someone else can help you

Test ads not working or what ???

@MJ_BUNNY_T.V i haven’t used applovin ads for a long time but let me check

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In companion , its not showing.

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Just test your application after exporting. And see is it working or not. No SDK initilizing of Applovin max native and banner ads.

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