Facebook Bidding With Mopub (Without Approval Of Marketplace)

Is your Mopub Marketplace rejected and thatโ€™s why you are unable to show Facebook ads? Just follow the below steps to show Facebook ads without the approval of Mopub Marketplace.

When It Will Work:-

  1. If Your App Got Approval To Show Ads From Facebook Audience Network.
  2. If Your Test Ads Are Showing After Following the Below Instruction :point_down: :point_down: :point_down:

Facebook Bidding with Mopub

Follow My Steps:-

  1. Open Your Mopub Account And Select Your App, Then Select Your Ad Formats.

  1. Click On Advance Bidding Then If You Get An Option To Enable Advance Bidding Then Click On It Otherwise Click On Manage Bidders.

  1. After That Simply Enable Facebook Option And Set Your Placement Id Of Facebook Audience Network And Atlast Save it.

Do The Above Steps For Each Ad Format. Congratulation You Have Completed Your Steps.

You Can See My Live App, Showing Facebook Ads With This Trick :point_down: :point_down: :point_down:

My First App Made In Niotron Just For Testing Facebook Bidding Only


Go to Mopub and select Network Section

where can i find network section?

Read Carefully You Can Find Everything

not found my account still pending approval on mopub

I have not said that. That was another post by @karanchaurasiya about the implementation of mopub. bidding

This feature only for old accounts

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oh my account is new

I Think It does not matter about the new and old accounts. If you are getting options on your Mopub account then do the above.

I donโ€™t have website display options like your tutorial. so please suggest bidding other than mopub/admob

Thank You Soo Much, Your Post Is So Much Helpful For Me. Now My App Is Showing Ads Without Approval Of Mopub

Please check your mopub account.

Yes ,Market place Reject Showing facebook Ads, :grinning: :grinning:

In new mopub it will not work, every thing in change.

i have creat an old 3 acount. one suspend 2 ma
rkeet place reject.

I have create new acount , the look is change look new, and improve, we have to request for aproval, it take 48 hr.

can we creat new acount with one playconsol?

yes, but use your mother mobile to create , and use another globle atm card.

my playconsol register already an mopub acount that is suspend. can we create one more.?

oke yes i did, i send for approvel, i add the same app.Lets see what will hapen.

good if approved please tell me.