Android SDK 34 issue

Support required from niotron team see the image for more details.

At this moment as a quick solution you might use this CLI tool to change target API level.

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its working fine with apk but it will not helpful for us because Google need aab file not apk file.

(it will helpful if we have apk to aab converter and thank god i have)

i try enhancer but i have little confusion about following question-

←[1m←[38;5;100m Enter compileSdkVersion: ←[38;5;138m←[38;5;100m34
←[1m←[38;5;100m Enter compileSdkVersionCodeName: ←[38;5;138m←[38;5;100m3

what is difference betweeen “compileSdkVersion” vs “compileSdkVersionCodeName”?

i found some help from there Is there a way to update apk with the same "versionCode"? - F-Droid Forum
so i entered the value “3” into compileSdkVersionCodeName according to my criteria.

(i uploaded my app on playconsole let see what happend)

Google is requesting an update to API version 34 before August… Is it possible for Niotron to update to version 34? Thank you.

When Niotron is going to update API level to 34?

Google play console has sent deadline notification to update the app before 31 August 2024, if Niotron will not give update than I can not release any update of my app.

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At this moment as a quick solution you might use this CLI tool to change target API level.

Requesting admin to please update timely don’t do like last year.

compileSdkVersion as 34
compileSdkVersionCodename 14

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oh meaning that it was android version not app version.


i would suggest you to try enhancer, it’s working.

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my app successfully published with 34 sdkversion. Thanks to you…


You’re welcome :bouquet:

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  • You won’t be able to release app updates (57 days away)

Date sent

4 Jul 2024


31 Aug 2024


App must target Android 14 (API level 34) or higher


To provide users with a safe and secure experience, Google Play requires all apps to meet target API level requirements.

From 31 Aug 2024, if your target API level is not within one year of the latest Android release, you won’t be able to update your app.

For now you can use Enhancer by @JEWEL_JONY ,
I’ll talk to staff to update this…

The staff is aware of the issue, and it’ll be updated soon check this out

They will add there ads in our app … and I don’t want that. It will be better I will wait.

Enhancer doesn’t include ads.

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