Enhancer : A powerful tool to change API level, inject assets, native (.so) libraries and sign the APK

:flashlight: Enhancer

A powerful tool to change target API level, inject assets, native (.so) libraries and sign the APK.


:feather: Features

  • Change compileSdkVersion / targetSdkVersion
  • Inject assets files
  • Inject native (.so) libraries
  • Sign the apk using your keystore file


Note: Before installing Enhancer, make sure that you’ve JDK 8 or above installed.


In PowerShell, run:

iwr https://raw.githubusercontent.com/jewelshkjony/Enhancer/main/install.ps1 -useb | iex

Linux and macOS

  1. In the terminal, run:

    curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/jewelshkjony/Enhancer/main/install.sh -fsSL | sh
  2. To run Enhancer write chmod +x Enhancer.sh on terminal.

Quick start

Now, that you’ve installed Enhancer, let’s try this tool.

  1. Open the terminal and write Enhancer.
    This will show you some prompts.

    • Enter apk path: Set the path of the apk or drag the apk file here.
    • Enter keystore path: Set the keystore path or drag the keystore file here. Enhancer tool will use this keystore file to sign your apk.
    • Want to change SDK version? Y/N: Write Y if you want to change compileSdkVersion/targetSdkVersion. If you’ve entered Y then it’ll ask for enter compileSdkVersion & compileSdkVersionCodeName.
    • Want to inject assets? Y/N : If you want to inject assets file so write Y now it’ll ask for the directory path of asstes files.
    • Want to inject native libraries? Y/N : If you want to inject (.so) native libraries so write Y now it’ll ask for the directory path of native libraries.
  2. If you only want to sign the apk and don’t want to inject assets, native (.so) libraries so write N on every prompts. So the tool will skip the injecting process. When you’re only signing the apk so the output apk will override the origianl apk. And if you’re injecting assets or native (.so) libraries so the tool will provide a new apk (originalApk-enhanced.apk).

  3. That’s it, now you can install the generated apk.

:receipt: GitHub Repository

Stay updated with this repository for updates.

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Outstanding job man :clap:

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I am getting this error after parsing the apk

Exception in thread "Thread-0" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: brut/apktool/Main
        at Compiler.decompile(Unknown Source)
        at Enhancer.backgroundTask(Unknown Source)
        at Enhancer.access$000(Unknown Source)
        at Enhancer$1.run(Unknown Source)
        at java.base/java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:834)
Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: brut.apktool.Main
        at java.base/jdk.internal.loader.BuiltinClassLoader.loadClass(BuiltinClassLoader.java:581)
        at java.base/jdk.internal.loader.ClassLoaders$AppClassLoader.loadClass(ClassLoaders.java:178)
        at java.base/java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(ClassLoader.java:521)
        ... 5 more

Install the tool again.

Ok, let me try again

can someone help me with this one?

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@JEWEL_JONY please see this and help him

I guess you should rename the file, remove the blank spaces and parenthesis, maybe that could help you out…


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It’s all good and it works. thank you enhancer. thank you, Admins. I hope to publish my game soon