[Important Update]: SDK Version 34 Requirement

Hello :niotron: iotron Community Members,

:rotating_light: It has come to our attention that Google Play now requires updating your SDKs to version 34. We understand that many of you are concerned and uncertain about the next steps. Rest assured, I have spoken with the staff, and they are aware of the issue. :wrench: The SDK will be updated soon, allowing you to publish or update your apps without any worry. :blush:

Thank you,
Niotron Team


Thank You Teams Waiting for your update.

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Thank you for this but what about the ads SDK version? and when normal builder will stable.

See the team is working hard on all aspects, to make the builder stable and make stable updates, you’ll see them too very soon :slightly_smiling_face:


Please update in app billing component also and and any expectation date ??