Why Canvas asking Storage Permission

Why Canvas asking write external storage permission. I have used canvas in my project 3 months before, did not ask for permission then. But Now I have exported new version of apk. And testing in my same phone, It is asking for storage permission. And also asking in companion.

When I denied Storage Permission, then I don’t face any type of problem. So I want to stop asking this permission. Because due to this permission I’m facing error to upgrading New version of my app in play store. Please niotron team help me.

No, this is not possible.

Show your blocks.

And post screenshots of the permission request.

I’m using canvas for making spin wheel.

Send the aia via PM to me.

@Anke You can also try in companion. Just drag & drop canvas component and connect with companion. But Before connect companion disallowed storage permission of niotron companion.

Show the relevant (Canvas) blocks.

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Without using any canvas block it’s happening.

Ok, I checked it. Adding a Canvas component does not declare WRITE permission in the Manifest. So this must have been declared in your Manifest by another component or extension.
If your app does not need WRITE permission, remove it from the Manifest.

Note: To request a permission it must be declared in the Manifest.

But you are correct, Canvas is (incorrectly) requesting WRITE permission automatically (also before using any block). @Souvik

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Please tell me, how to disable asking storage permission.


I already told you:

And tell us, which components and / or extension you are using that (might) declare WRITE permission in the Manifest.

I’m not using any component or extension to declare permission. Because any type of permission not required in my app. I want to know that Write Permission is a compulsory for using canvas or it’s a bug/error. Because It was not happening before. If it’s a bug then I request to @niotron team, please fix this bug in next update.

Open a new projekt, add the Canvas component, build the APK and check if it request WRITE permission. I don’t think so.

So there must be a component or an extension in your app that declares WRITE permission in the Manifest.

The Canvas component does not declare any storage permissions at all in the Manifest.

But it should, at least on Android < 10 (because it saves images then in the root dir of the external storage). @Souvik

Android 9:


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I have created new project with canvas. And checked apk in my phone. It’s not asking write permission. But in my existing project this problem is happening. I have checked to delete that screen and created new screen for using canvas. But It’s happening and again import aia. But This is asking for permission. Any solution or not. Do I have to build my project from scratch.

Post the aia or send it to me via PM.