Very Big Bug pls solve

I will facing the firebase issue because it does not get data in my live app in playstore pls tell if anyone faces the issue and the solution of this problem

Can you eleborate the issue? If you are unable to get data on your app from firebase DB then please check the rules and your DB as it is functioning or not. As Niotron’s Firebase DB component is working completly fine.

Can airtable will be good as compare to firebase

Yes indeed, the only restriction to airtable is 1000 rows, you cant exceed that.

If your data is gonna be less than 1000 rows then airtable will work like charm !

If its more that 1000 rows then i would suggest you to go for sql or google sheets if you want a good portability where you can check the db and make changes from your phone as well since google sheets has a supporting app too.


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In niotron where is goosle sheets option or component

There is no component for gsheets.

An extension is available though. The link is given below :