Cloudsheets Extension

Hi developers,

Am here to introduce Cloudsheets - A dedicated service to link your google spreadsheet with app.

The extension is free to use but need an API that can be generated from our website :

A special mention to @tanishraj [AKA : Ct tricks ] for being by my side in the whole development process and helping me with solutions

Advantages of using google spreadsheet as your app’s database over Airtable :

1 - Its completely free to use where Airtable on the other hand gives 1000 rows for free after which it charges a monthly fees of 10 USD.

2 - All kinds of formatting options are available whereas in Airtable only paid accounts get formatting options. Most of the basic formatting options are restricted in Airtable.

3 - You can use all the add-one that are available for google sheets.

Advantages of using this extension :

1 Step Login - Signup option available.

Unlike Airtable, you can use a single block to create a login system. Also, firebase has a limited bandwidth which is not a case in spreadsheets.

Its 2 requests per second per IP, which is more than enough

2 - Easy to use

3 - Multiple formatting blocks available to exactly fulfil your requirement.

4 - Cheap as compared to others

Pricing :

1 - Cost of 1 API key i.e linking 1 sheet to app via extension - INR 99 or 3 USD

2 - Unlimited API keys at INR 399 or 7 USD - Get in touch with me personally to activate your unlimited plan.

Bonus Feature : Login System’s complete authentication can be done within 2 seconds - Based on testing result with 825 + user’s data

Also, I invite youtubers to get in touch if they wish to make a video on it.

You can download the extension (Version 2) and create an account from

Docs are available at

You can ask any query that you have regarding the extension or the website.

You can also get in touch via WhatsApp at : or telegram at : Telegram: Contact @Clawser

Do join the telegram group to get all updates on the service : Telegram: Join Group Chat

Latest Version of Extension :

com.Cloudsheets_V2.aix (29.7 KB)


XyberNeo AKA Aditya

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nice extension


@tanishraj I Think This Type Of Extesnion Is Made By You Also :thinking:

I think you dont mind if i reply to this.

Yes, this type of extension was made by @tanishraj

That extension has been discontinued and also the important thing over here is that…this is a modified version of that extension…that extension was based on id system which is now removed…

I have also added some awesome features like one step login and query finder

Hope this answer is safisfactory :pray:t2:

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Even this extension is also made by me :smile: but this time @aditya_dac is also include… In this new version we worked together and made it more easy to use.