Screen Orientation Quick Flip

This was detected in other AI2 distros and it was the main reason I switched to Niotron. Unfortunately, after the New Update 2.7.0, this horrible bug also came to Niotron builder.

This was previously reported on the beta server, but still not fixed before the update.

There is nothing in blocks, nor decompiling the apk, that is possible as a quick or permanent fix to it. I’ve already tried several ways (maybe I lack knowledge), but nothing has been able to prevent, even provisionally, this event.

Before Update

After Update

Please, kindly take a look at this issue and be the first among others to solve it.

@Fabio We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Please let me know if you used any screen-changing animations or changed the orientation from portrait.

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Thank you very much for this quick response.

In this project, yes, but the issue occurs in a simple, white page, project. I just forgot to mention that the screen is set to portrait and the device has to be (a bit) in landscape position.

Consequently, you have used both portrait and landscape modes. Am I correct?

If you are talking about phone position, yes. But if you’re talking about configuration, no. The screen orientation is set to portrait and the phone screen orientation is locked, even so the bug happens.

Does this occur on both servers?

Yes, I saw it was reported on beta server…

and when the update was released I checked to confirm I could reproduce the bug on the main server.

When you click for open other screen also get same issue. Multiple report done from maximum niotron user till now it’s present.

:zap:And this is very occurred. For user who use app

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I have tested and, unfortunately, this issue/bug is present in all AI2 distros.

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@iaditya_nanda is this issue resolved ?

I have tested in few devices working as expected. Can you tell the device model along with android version?

MotoG20 Android 11

The bug happens when the device is hang totally or a bit in landscape position.

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Yes, and this only happens if → Auto-rotate screen is enabled in the device Settings.

Try this one:
ScreenPortrait2.apk (4.8 MB)

Open the app in Landscape mode and switch screens.
(Note: Each screen will open, close, and reopen after switching.)


I test your apk. Results is

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And the Auto-rotate screen is disabled.

I also asked a few friends to test in their devices and they said it happens too.

I have 19 test devices with Android 4.x, 5.x, 7, 8.x, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13.

I tested my app on (real) devices with Android

  • 8.0
  • 8.1
  • 9
  • 10
  • 11
  • 12

and I cannot reproduce this behavior on any of these devices. Neither with Auto-rotate enabled or disabled.

1. On which device with which Android version did you test?
2. Post your APK (which shows this behavior).

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I understand your point, and it’s kind of sad that this is only happening to me, some community users (in all AI2 distros) or those who have tested for me.

MotoG20 Android 11
Galaxy A10 Android 11
Zen Phone Android 8.1
Moto G5 Play Android 7
Redmi 7 Android 10
Nox Player (Emulator) Androids 7 and 9

CartasparaDeus.apk (8,2,MB)

There’s no specific APK, because even a blank project, as your test one, shows this behavior.
I use a procedure to make screen responsive for all devices and that makes the bug even more visible. However, if it’s a simple project without this procedure, the behavior is still shown.

To finally clarify things:

  1. Auto rotate on/off?
  2. Device position at the time the app is started (Portrait or Landscape)?
  3. Test device / Android version for your video recording?
  4. Was the device rotated during video recording (yes or no)?
  5. If possible, make a video with another device of the behavior of your test device.
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_ Off.

_ I’m holding it a bit in landscape position.

_ Yes, to show that the behavior happens even after rotating the device to portrait and back to landscape.

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