Regarding Facebook bidding

Anyone can help for move app in bidding in facebook

i am using only facebook ads No mediation platform

then how move app to bidding

i am searching from long time but nothing get solutions

please help

Watch these two videos


I am also face same problem
No option available for using Facebook ads only
After deadline

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Try if you have active iron source acount. If your acount is approved, els it will not work.

As in this video, i dont think his acount is also aprove as he is new user.

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when account will be approved

May be never, because no support team is there to support, Not getting any response frome there side. I am waiting from more then 15 days.

Are you talking about monetization?

i think you are right ironsources not give any reply for account aproval
i have provide full details
but not recieve any reply

so i requeted to niotron team please provide other mediation for facebook ads for bidding

this your user request

We can login to iron source, but our ads will be not be active untill iron source active our acount…

we are just stuck…

Because niotron only support iron source…

And iron source donot response when we try to contact them, regarding to Acount activation.

you right Iron sources not best for mediation
now every user try to mediation for his app
but they not get success like me

i am again request to Niotron please provide another mediation as soon as possible

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It supports Admob too…

Please provide Applovin max.

Risk of ads limit so all are scard of admob…

May be aplovin and mopub will be beter.

As we can trust them. … but dont know good for ecpm or not.

And i have heard, it give error or bug…with admob ( fb adapter).

As we can see in this video…This youtuber have said.

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Mopub And Applovin is best for bidding.

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Helo Niotron Team.
We Are Your User. And We Are Regularly Paid An Amount in Every Month.
Please Provide Us More Network For Facebook Bidding.
Because iron Source not Work In Some Country. And Admobe Is A Risky Network.
Its Is A Request To Provide Us Applovin MAX In Next Update.


i am also waiting for next update


It will be added in the next update

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Is there any necessary to drag the ironsource ads component?
Will it work if I only use facbook ads and facbook adapter? without ironsource component. (I am asking this because in documentation I saw that it also requires ironsource SDK)

As facebook audience network said moving to bidding, so now what is happening, ECPM of water fall is getting low. As higher ECPM ads will be shown in bidding.

My app ads Ecpm goes 60â„… less.

So we are in big loss, have to do some thing soon.

finaly my account are approved from ironsource network

just i recieved mail from iron sources network , your account are approved


Your ironSource account has been approved, and your app is now live on the ironSource network.

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