Product details not get

No response

Product is active

Please reply anyone ?

Can you share a demo aia file?

Demo.aia (1.8 KB)

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Is you trying to test in companion or in apk

In Companion

Build your apk and try.

You can’t check it in companion.

Ok I’m trying in apk

Not working in apk also.

Ok let me check.

Please set your package name

And try again

What is this ?

Wait i am sending you a test aia.

If possible, make a complete billing system and give it.:pray:

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Wait some time. I am little busy now.

demo.aia (134.9 KB)

Note : I am using a free extension.

@Pankaj_Developer checkout the new guide made by @Avijit

Just follow his instructions

When and how will the user’s product expire and how will he renew it because no such block has been given in it.

Let me check.