[Guide] Use In-app-Billing in your project!

Hello guys Avijit Das here, And today I am showing
how you can use in-app billing product in your project within few minutes.
So let’s start

Step 1 :

Go to play console, Select your app, and click on in-app products button.


Step 2 :

Click on Create Product button.

Step 3 :

Enter your product id.

Example : product1 , appPremiumVersion and etc.

Step 4 :

Enter product details.

Example :

  • Name : 100 Gold Coins
  • Description : Get 100 Gold Coins

Step 5 :

Open your project in Niotron Builder, Upload this extension. and drag in your project


Step 6 :

Write this blocks to start connection.

Step 7 :

Write this blocks to buy a product.

Step 8 :

Use this blocks to track your product status.


@oseamiya for In-App Billing extension.
@Google for giving me images.
@niotron for this awesome builder.

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Thank you for this great guide @Avijit

A very informative and helpful article, please next article help us do it on niotron ad manager

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In app product is working.

Subscription is not working , please help me @Avijit @Horizon

how to setup this dear launch purchase flow its new dear