Package name error

Dear community,

I am facing an issuing while uploading a update aab in play console.
When uploading in play console its showing
Your apk or aab package name need must be same as ( my package name).

Can any body help me?

The message says it all.

The package name is same as previous one.
Vesion is higher as well before version was 1 and then now i make it 2 but still couldn’t be uploading.

Post a screenshot (error) from the Play Developer console.

Maybe there is a small typo mistake

@Zahoor_Rehman Follow these Steps to solve your problem

  1. Open Your App’s PlayStore Link

  2. Copy the Highligted Package name of your app

  3. Open your app on Niotron Builder and follow the steps shown in the image

  • Click on the settings Icon

    Remove the previous package name and paste the original one here

Thanks all to guide me.

I have did the same and able to upload new version.

Mistake was package name was not saved means i replace that but project was not saved.

Appreciate it

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