How to release / update an App on the Play Store → Requirements

In order to be able to release an app in the Play Store, at least the following requirements must be met:

  1. The version code is higher than the current version.
  2. The packageName is the same (as the previous / original one).
  3. The keystore is identical (with the previous / initial version).
  4. The targetSdkVersion corresponds to the minimum SDK required by Google
    (4a) from Aug 2021: SDK 30 for new apps and from Nov 2021 also for updates)
    (4b) from Aug 2022: SDK 31 for new apps and from Nov 2022 also for updates).
    (4c) from Aug 31, 2023: SDK 33
  5. If you published your App (as APK) before Aug 2021, you can still use / upload an APK.
    Otherwise you must upload an AAB file.

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