Not Going on Second Screen


I wanted to perform 2 action on a Signe Button.

First Action is Show open app ad when someone clicks on the button first time. ( Which is working fine )

Second Action is when users clicks on the button second time it will open another Screen ( Which is not working for me )

On 2 buttons I tried two Different blocks - Open another Screen Screen Name block and Open another Screen Screen Name > Do > Close Screen > Result > Another Screen ( As shown in Img )
But both are not working for me.

Create a variable and set it’s value to 0. On click action performed add an if then else condition. Set there if the variable equal to 0 then show open ads and set variable value to 1. On else condition set the variable value to 0 and open another screen.

Like this?

Yes and on else condition set the variable value to 0.

Pls check.

No bro your previous blocks were correct. Just set the value of global ads 1 to 0 on else condition and perform the open another screen event

Bro if that not any trouble to you, Can you pls send screen shot? because I’m new at this :man_bowing:

It this ok? :sweat_smile: :grimacing:

Bro it’s working but in reverse
On first click Screen is opening
On Second Click Ad is showing :joy:

Not possible, please show your blocks

Yes, IDK how he is doing

Pls check


1 = false to 99
2 = true to 0
3 = false to 99
4 = true to 0

On reverse time you also need to load ads. You can use different logic for that. Wait a moment I am sending all things


It will not work because ads are loading on only screen initilizing. Second time also need to load ads.

Can you send blocks part of second screen? It will help me a little bit

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There’s nothing on third Screen Blocks

Hello bro, Can you help me here? @Horizon