Niotron team could you help us with some interface details?

Hello dear Niotron team, I would like to report a problem that is affecting me regarding the user interface of the platform that may be useful for the community. Greetings, I want my note to be taken as a help and not as a criticism, a hug.

The vertical and horizontal arrangement icons are the same, which becomes problematic when designing the interface.

The icons for vertical and horizontal scroll arrangement are reversed, I assume we all have the problem.


It is a small bug that i never noticed but It is really a problem. But it is really easy to solve it. Probably would be corredores Very soin

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It’s just changing a few small images, I don’t even consider it an “bug” but it really is a bit annoying, because once you insert these layouts you can’t know what type they are, in principle it shouldn’t be complicated but then when you have a project with a lot of layers there comes the biggest problem, I literally have to be guessing.

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Thanks ! i will now

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Ready, thanks @Nakshtra_Musicals

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