New App API Level 31 In Console

in video you can see how to set sdk 31 .

My app is crashing again and again

I built one of my complex Play Store apps on Beta server (targetSDK 31). This version could not be installed on Android 12 devices because
is not declared in the Manifest with the extensions used.

@Souvik @Krish
Any tip/hint if extension developers need to take care of this?
I think (hope) it should be possible to do this on the build server. :woman_shrugging:

Btw, the same on the AI2 test server.
I haven’t reportet on this in the AI2 community yet, as Niotron is my priority and I’ve built my (last) recent apps with Niotron.

I had to edit the Manifest manually afterwards:

After that, everything seems to work fine, at least as far as I’ve tested.

I checked it now with @Taifun’s new version of the extension (that he just sent me via PM) and it works fine now.

So it seems that the extension developers have to declare this in the Manifest on Android 12+ (if necessary).

From what I heard from the MIT AI2 boss (Evan Patton) on the Power User forum, they don’t seem to plan to solve this via the build server.


Screenshot from the AI2 PU forum
(I have permission from Evan Patton to post it here.)

Extension developers will have to modify their extensions to support Android 12

The manifest elements are declared directly in extensions, so editing it may cause issues instead of a proper solution.

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just upload the aab file in playstore. and when you download your app from google play store there will be no error.

When Api level 31 coming in normal builder. Already 2 weeks completed. Please update it

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That is the reply from Niotron CEO 5 days ago, but why until now there is no update, maybe he means 5 weeks or 5 months?

U r right bro

Why you aren’t trying in beta server ?

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One user report in community. He tells some ad with component is not working. After build app is not open. So please fix it

App always crash in beta server when use NetworkTools

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Show blocks.

No need. The problem is not the blocks but the component, even I don’t put any blocks the app will crash. But if it deleted the component the app works fine

On the Beta server the NetworkTools component does no longer declare the following permissions:

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE"/>
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.ACCESS_WIFI_STATE"/>

but only this:


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We aren’t pushing the latest version to the Stable Builder because there are still new bugs being found and we’re working on fixing it as well. The builder will be updated only when we’ve found and fixed almost all of the bugs.

We do not intend on pushing a buggy public build.


Yes, that’s fine, but why doesn’t the NetworkTools component declare these permissions on the Beta server anymore?

EDIT: More generally asked, why does the Beta server no longer declare these permissions?

There should actually be a reason for this.

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