Need Help while downloading image through downloader

I am getting download error in Android 11 but when I tested in Android 10,9 it’s working fine.
I searched on the community and found many post said that no need for MANAGE EXTERNAL STORAGE permission in 11 or above. I tried but none of these solve my problem. Please help me how to do that.

Block Images(if Any)


AIA OR APK(if Any)
Aix (6).apk (6.8 MB)

@Ricky720M Which extension are you using? check if it has support for Android 11 or not

Use Deephost file permission extention for android 11 or obove search on playstore

I used niotron in built downloader. It’s works under Android 11 (tested 9,10) but not from 11 or above. I have Android 11 I tested it but no result. As @Anke said no need for permission for downloading files in shared storage like /Documents and /Download we can download without any permission.

@Ricky720M I think this component needs an update so you can try using an alternative downloader extension

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