Need Change in Companion

Hello Dev
I Connect my mobile with Niotron using Companion, and when I Change (Switch) App, Companion gonna disconnect.
Will you pls solve it?

This issue, will be solved by the next update

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Are you making apps on mobile?
if yes then this is the reason for disconnection of the companion application and also
my dear all the builders are not made for use on mobile and many people use them on mobile and encounter many problems due to the small screen and then say there is a bug
so I want to say that there is no problem in using these on mobile but using on mobile creates many problems and one should always prefer using a big screen

Actually what i was thinking is that he is switching the projects and then that is creating issue, anyways you are absolutely right

Thank you Mr. @Horizon

Mr. @iAditya-Nanda I Created App on Laptop but When I Need to SHow Result, I Connect it with mobile Companion.

then there can be issue with the ram of your mobile or laptop as it is working fine for me even after switching applications

Yes it work fine with me also…

I also request please have a look, related to companion.
Please say what you think.

Try using an emulator instead. Tested & seem to be running smoothly even when navigating between projects unless you’ve bugs in coding.

For a stable connection, you can try signing in to companion with the same account.

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