Companion Auto refresh and manually refresh

If there was a button on builder, like auto refresh ON and auto refresh OFF…I will really like if this Feature came.

When we change some thing in design part it get refresh, and we have to wait till it load fully, or it get crash. If we did another change in design part.

It work good starting when a new project is create, its lite and less mb. So no issue .
Issue get start when its 6 or 6+ mb project.

If there was a system like we can get refresh when we wan to. It can be more easy and fast.

As we all use so, we all have face this, so you all can understand.


I also need this :heart:

That’s a great idea!


I need this too :smiling_face_with_tear:

as of now you can achieve the same by minimize the app by using home button.

Wah :raised_hand: Great idea . Actually this is the real method for work like when you test app at android studio after run refresh reflect at test device. Let’s see if niotron consider this method.