Maybe there will be a run to Niotron soon

Welcome to Niotron community if you need any help just your query on community


Unfortunately, Kodular likes to play games with users’ privacy. I’ve been in the same situation, when they refused to remove my data (even though I was suspended and couldn’t do it myself). I’m in no way taking sides, but these moves are definitely illegal, Kodular and Junnovate LLC are hoping they can get away with the fact that their servers are not hosted in the EU and therefore not all GDPR laws apply to them, as well as hoping that no one would and will take legal action on them.

You’re right, we as consumers hold the full right to manage data WE provided to the platform. The only thing that comes to mind is to attempt to send a letter to their hosting provider, who will hopefully take action, although such an outcome is unlikely.


As I already explained in the Kodular forum, this has nothing to do with the GDPR, it only concerns copyright.

According to this, I have the exclusive property rights and rights of disposal on my (interlectual) creations.

I alone (and exclusively I) decide and decree

  • whether,
  • when,
  • where and
  • for whom

it is accessible (and no one else).

If I exercise this right and withdraw my consent for Kodular and/or the platform operator to publish this content, my creations (posted content, guides, extensions, etc.) must be removed from the forum immediately.

Failure to do so is copyright infringement and a serious offense that must be prosecuted.


This (GDPR & copyright) is off topic of course, but might explain why some (angry) K users end up here and help them understand it more easily.

If this aspect raises further questions, we should possibly move it to a new topic!


“As she is now a moderator on a competing platform whose entire business model is copying Kodular…”

See here:

I’ll comment on this later in the K forum (when there is time) like this:

“First, I was a mod before, and second, Niotron is far closer to AI2 than to Kodular (at least regarding the Android file system, but Niotron has already fixed some serious bugs, that are still present on AI2). To claim that copying Kodular is Niotron’s business model is just plain nonsense. So if you have no idea, then I would advise to refrain from such statements.”

But maybe the Niotron team might also comment on this here?

(By the way, I will also comment on the other rude and inaccurate claims there accordingly.)


As you might already know, the other platform doesn’t seem to value what others has to say. All of Niotron Staff Members are banned from their community.

Our Business model was not having commissions since the beginning and make the platform as free as possible. But as everyone knows nothing is actually free. We had to cover server costs from our own pockets and once the userbase began to grow we just couldn’t maintain those expenses as students.

So we came up with a user-friendly pay for what you use type of subscription. Billing for the assets that you upload or paying a fixed amount to monetize your apps since you’re basically earning from the app you make by monetizing it.

Our competitors still relied on sketchy commision methods and pay to remove commission model.

So i believe we had better business model in the end that others had to bring a similar sort of subscription system. We still provide users with more flexibility and options to choose from as we’re all developers of some sort.

I do believe there are more things we could change up with the subscription system and we’ll be doing so with the suggestions from the community.

Also about being similar to AI2. We always make sure whatever features we add doesn’t cause compatibility issues with AI2. We keep our source code up to date with AI2 on every major release (it’s quite a lot of work, but it’s worth it).


Thank you for the detailed information!


It is funny to read such a thing. Both niotron and Kodular are based on AI2. Kodular can’t claim to be the one being copied when it is essentially a copy of AI2 with some improvements. Not that this would be a problem, by the opposite, the more builders, the best.

It is even more crazy because Kodular staff used to say they had no problems with others builders, they even pretended to cheer for the success of others.

Anyway, the best for both builders would be their staff keep improving and making everything better for everyone.

“when it is essentially a copy of AI2 with a lot of bugs


Yes, but Kodular really took their time and waited more than 6 months to implement the new Android file system. However, despite my timely warnings, they introduced so many (new) bugs that it will take a long time (if it ever happens) to fix all of these bugs.

And if you then go to the trouble of pointing this out, you will be treated impudently and censored. This is unbearable. Who can endure so much cheek yet.

So once again:

I can only advise every Kodular user to switch to Niotron in good time (i.e. immediately or at least to drive on two tracks).


If we try to share niotron community post anything in K, our post was automatically put in queue for approval… :melting_face:

They blocked “Niotron” word in community.

Like this :point_down:


Well i will be completely transferring all of my projects to the Niotron. I have like 10 project and it will take some time but I’ll do it.


Good decision, since it is completely unclear and unforeseeable when the countless bugs and discrepancies at K will be fixed (if they are ever fixed at all).


Sad but true.


That’s why we are waiting for a news from you to Start Child Accounts Ad manager service in @niotron like Kodular did and many user are ready to shift from Kodular

We are talking about issues in Ad manager from 22 days but K staff didn’t give us a single reply

As always - and how you’ve almost gotten used to it there.

Why there is a need of Ad Manager? Anything wrong using it directly?

Ad Manager system is already ruining Kodular. You’re trying to partner with a Tech Giant with 4 or 5 of your manpower! Is it a joke to manage all the data (for the child accounts) from a company like Google?

Therefore, I don’t understand your ideology with Ad Manager on Niotron.

how do I detect an event?