Maybe there will be a run to Niotron soon

Yesterday there was a devastating update at Kodular with countless old and especially new bugs.
I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a run on Niotron soon. Some users have already signaled this to me. :wink:

We will see …


Yes and we cant rely on a single platform where an error occurs randomly and it takes months to be fixed.

I would also love to see new features on Niotron.


If they get fixed at all. Some bugs have been around for years (and still not fixed!).


Exactly, especially not on Kodular.
There was months of “radio silence” from the Kodular team.

Fortunately, this is very different with Niotron. :+1:


I agree to you

With staff just replying to just monetization queries, just working for making their commission larger, a platform can’t stand

Niotron on other hand takes a little money, which comparatively is too low in comparison with the features and support provided.

Hats off to the team



To be very Frank, I’m really impressed with Niotron team. They have really provided awesome features, updates but still there are some bugs, which requires to be fixed, but I know that Niotron will cover them too soon…

I have been working on these platforms from last 2 years only and one of my helpers were @iaditya_nanda, and after switching to Niotron I was shocked to see these many features about which I can’t even think of.

Love you Niotron team !!


I admire how diligent @NiotronStaff is. I have complete faith in the Niotron team to address all current bugs as soon as possible. There are only four of them, and they all exert themselves fully and honestly.
Thanks, Niotron, for such an exquisite platform.




I’m not sure anymore if Kodular still has that many. :wink:

kodular has 8 staff members and I believe that Niotron is far more better than Kodular and Niotron has only 4 staff members who contribute their best for us

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But are they all still on board / active? I do not think so.
For example, Mika certainly not anymore.

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I’m not sure, but maybe it’s possible that they aren’t active on community, but maybe working at backend

If they still work at all… :wink:


Luckily I’ve only made 2 projects with Kodular that I’ve published on the Play Store.
So I will have to migrate these to another platform …

and that will be Niotron (as this is currently the best alternative).


Almost the same bugs / problems on Kodular after the last (from yesterday) update 1.5.6

I will definitely be moving to Niotron with my projects.
Waiting for bug fixes on Kodular is a waste of time!

(And I helped them a lot to get rid of these bugs, but …)

Before K staff removed the last line

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I respect Mr. @iaditya_nanda for his tireless effort in the community unlike other builders where an inquiry can take forever to respond to


@Saifullahi_Mannir Any relation to my topic?

I gave up of kodular after that too. it looks like they release all the updates without testing anything. It just doesn’t make sense.

If this was the 1st, 2nd or third time it happens it could be accepted. But this became routine. I can’t remember the last time a update didn’t come with serious problems. They just don’t see to care.

These last few days at least a member of the staff appeared to say something, but it’s not enough to keep trusting in that company with the projects that grant 90% of my revenue



A K-staff wrote me via PM that as a mod I should uphold K’s reputation and not refer to Niotron.
My answer: Reputation has to be deserved! And K doesn’t do that anymore!


If they pay for it, they can say like that but …

I would speak my mind regardless whether they pay me or not.
If they fire me afterwards…who cares (I certainly don’t).