Leaving Kodular and Joined Niotron

I was using kodular from last 2 years but now they have so many bugs so I’m in Niotron now , but why Niotron not upgrading?:roll_eyes: Niotron must launch new updates…
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Hello @Rijjulogy,
Welcome to Niotron community.

Coming soon…

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I am also my all apps shifted (from a buggy platform) to niotron successfully today۔
Thanks Niotron Team for great Platform


We are happy @abid that you have started using Niotron :heart:


Niotron is a nice platform (and I can guarantee).

The last update was 24 days ago, so Niotron is probably planning a new update soon enough.

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We also left Kodular December last year due to soo many bugs, and I mean SO many that it was very frustrating. Because of Kodular bugs we had thousands of uninstalls in our application. All kodular updates are focused only on commission changes and monetization methods meant to give them more money., with a ridiculous Ads Approval mechanism, and it takes literally half a year to fix only single bug. I just saw in their recent update they released a Kodular Premium, which is manually activated which can approximately take weeks to get it done

Also they stated this
What’s next for Kodular

Cutting down on ad approvals and monetization reviews will allow the team more time to focus on adding new features to Kodular. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on these past few months! :wink: (Hint: Why stop at Android?)

This obviously means they will make Kodular support iOS too, really ? There are infinite amount of bugs already, and to expand your platform right now will be a disaster.
If someone ever reads this, move away from Kodular as soon as possible. It will be the best decision you will make.


Every word is right…
i am also very late to take decision.

This will (most likely) never happen. Kodular has already strayed way too far from AI2.
(By the way, this will also take longer with AI2, although it was already announced for the fall semester 2021 that the build server would then be available).

Apart from that, no extensions can be used with iOS. If this should ever be possible, all extensions would have to be rewritten in Apple’s programming language “Swift” (instead of Java).

Yes, see also here:


did you exported your apps here or you rebuilt it, I am currently trying to rebuild one of my apps from scratch. it might take some time but in the end I believe it will be worth it when I compare the offers of both platforms especially with the recent update from the koders side. I hope I can use my experience to help newbies on this community as well.
Niotron Team, I hope you keep upping your game

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My suggestion is, create UI and for blocks side, just download every block as image from K cteator and just use drag & drop into niotron. I was succeeded by this way only. It will take just few min to create same app like K in niotron


Yes, that’s the way I did with one of my projects…

It has to be done carefully, because some components are different and/or don’t exist.

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Some functions, blocks also differ on both platforms, or some are the same, but their names are different. There isn’t a conversion tool that is good enough to cover all these functions, because there are too many blocks.

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