Install external apps within app. Is it possible with Niotron?

Hello everyone!
So this is basically what I want :
When a user clicks on the download app button, the APK should download to the user’s storage and then the application should be directly installed to the Users device through the app. Is it possible through Niotron?

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Yess, It is possible

How? Can you please explain or show the blocks?

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Yeah Sure
Search for the component Downloader
And to download something use this block

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Bro… Everyone knows this already. I am asking how to install the application directly through the app without the need to open the file click on Install and then the app will be installed.

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Sorry bro
I never thought of it :thinking:

Some permission is required from the User. Many apps use that permission for example app stores etc…

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File/Storage Permission

This permission is required for downloading any file but for installing apps, some other permission is required.

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Is it atleast possible to open the APK file for the user to download it manually?


@Khalidinfotech Wait For sometime let me make a sample project for you

Try this (it will download the APK to the ASD and install it without any permissions):

installAPK.aia (9.4 KB)

Set your URL to the APK, build APK and try.


can you tell me it will work androd version 10+?

Can you please provide the extension .aix that you have used?

Does it work for you?

Yes, tried it on Android 5 and Android 11 and it works!

I went through this guide of yours but I didn’t find the download .aix option. Looks like you have removed it :thinking:


I’ll remove it again, when I’ve uploaded the extension in the extension category.
EDIT: aix removed, see here:


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