Download an APK to the ASD and install it without permissions

With this extension you can download an APK to the ASD (app-specific directory) and install it. This doesn’t require WRITE_ / READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permissions.

However, you can also install an APK from another directory (e.g. the /Download folder) (with READ permission).
This should work on all Android versions.

InstallAPK.aix (8.6 KB)
See also here for ver_6 (permission REQUEST_INSTALL_PACKAGES removed).

Example - blocks



Nice Extension @Anke

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Excellent work @Anke !

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What is ASD file ? :+1:

Application specific directory

What about reading …


@Anke please help, I want use it to download mp3 files because I have been trying to publish my app but its being rejected for all files access… Now I use this extension, yes it’s downloading the file, in fact I even played the file via my notification bar, but I check all my folders I couldn’t find the neither the folder nor the file.

Here is my block:

If you are using a normal file manager, they shouldn’t be able to locate the ASD folder.


The ASD is no longer visible on Android 11+ (on the device). You must connect it to a computer via USB to see it or you must use a file manager (like “Total Commander” to see it also on your test device.


Thank you sir, please is there any other way of downloading mp3 files without being rejected from playstore.

Just download it to ASD or shared storage, see also Some basics on Android Storage System


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Thank you sir, at least if my app can read the data I like it that way, I will try my best if I need any further help I will look for your helping hand… Sorry for my frequent disturbance

@Anke This extension is really wonderful, with your guide in my other post now the problem of all files access is solved, but the app is still rejected for this permission:


Is it possible to remove the permission?

I removed this permission in the Manifest.
Try this one: InstallAPK_v6.aix (10.1 KB)

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Thank you Ma’am, we appreciate your effort.