Image Encryptor

Hey guys!
In this guys i am going to give solution for this challenge by me

I just made a basic Encryptor but you can make it more secure by applying more ideas in it! Its just on you.

Easy Encryptor

In this Encryptor the image is encrypted into a single file
It first converts the image into base64 string and then reEncrypt the string and then save it as a text file but with Extension .sibeg,when someone will open that file with a text editor he will just see randomCharacters(according to him). its just simple
Aia - SecuredImage.aia (41.4 KB)

Hard Encryptor

In this Encryptor the image is divided into multiple files
This one is compilcated but more secure!
Firstly oyu have to do the same, convert the image to base64 string and then secure the string one more time with base64 then just run a loop in that divide the string into parts and generate random characters for file name and store it in a list
After all files are saved then just create one more string with the file name list as csv and reverse it (more secure :joy:) and then take that full Sting and secure it with asymmetric Encryption and after that join ,obj,+Encryptionkey to the string and then re encrypt it with base64 Encryption and then save it with a file name you want
Now to open the image do reverse steps - first get the main file then decrypt base64 then seperate string at ,obj, then you will get list with two items(filelistcsv, Encryptionkey) so now decrypt the filelistcsv string with encryption key and reverse the list and now run a loop to get text by file name in filelist and on got text event create a string and add all that files text values. when the process is completed just decrypt the base64 string and and convert it into image
Aia - SecuredImage (1).aia (54.4 KB)

It was just a guide that how you can secure a image but yoh can also apply your creativity in it and make it more secure :+1: