Challenge - Image Encryptor

So Hey Everyone,
So lets play a challange!
I have made two Image Encryptor With Niotron Builder

1. Easy Encryption

This encrypts the image into a file(unviewable).It can only open in this app.
I am giving A file to try :- Download
You can also try with your image if you want
Apk - SecureEasy.apk (3.6 MB)

2. Hard Encryption

This encrypts the image into multiple files with one main file.(This also can’t be viewed).It can open only in this app
Folder To Try :- Download Note:- It needs to be stored as a folder name Seqimg in home directory
You can also try with your image
Apk - SecureHard.apk (3.6 MB)

Points to be noted

File location fomat in app text box should be like /filename.extension or /foldername/filename.extension
Hard rncryptor can’t encrypt big images

So Everyone try to find how it works​:blush:!
Its blocks and aia will be posted as a guide Under 24 Hours


Hey @Krish Superb work :clap:


I know how it works :blush::wink: but nice work. And it have also 3+ lvl of security.


Because I already told you​:joy:


Solution posted!

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