I want to import kodular aia

Hi there , i have build an app with kodular .
But now i want to migrate from kodular to Niotron and want to import my aia in niotron.
I cannot make my app again from scratch, please help

You can use AICO to convert your AIA for free.

there are already some posts created on this topic… you should search in the community before making a new post.

If AICO won’t work try this #Aia Converter

If You Want I Can Recreate that app… DM me!!

@tanishraj how to import kodular aia to niotron help please :pray::pleading_face::pray::pray: @tanishraj please latest help

This Question has been asked several times in the community. Please do a Community Search for possible solutions.

Please helppe

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@abhijith but how to doo aico is not working waht to do then tell i want to import it please help

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