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:joy: This is truely a bad bussiness:joy:

Pricing -

|Blocks| | Inr ₹| | Dollars $|
| 200 | | 20 ₹ | | 1 $ |
| 300 | | 30 ₹ | | 2 $ |
| 500 | | 50 ₹ | | 3 $ |
|1000| | 100 ₹ | | 4 $ |
|2000| | 200 ₹ | | 5 $ |
|4000| | 400 ₹ | | 6 $ |

:joy: Just trying to make some money in Lockdown :joy: Not earned even single penny.

Yes, This is serious post you can pm me with the aia you want, I’ll convert it of any builder reliable to niotron.

Also one #challenge guess my state[only for indian] :joy:

I laugh so much while creating this topic:joy:

Before you convert aia file you need to accept term and conditions.

Code - iwanttoconvertaia

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Are you really serious -_-

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Yes but I laughed at my topic :joy:

Gujarat, I think so :thinking:

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You can not do like this because there is free aia converter


For earning in lockdown you can create good app and ui and sell your aia or ui


He can, but most of the people will choose the free aia converter by @tanishraj aka cttricks


This is very nice idea, try this.

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:100: :100:

AICO has 10% chance to not convert , I am creating privacy policy before replacing aia file ,some of the points are -

  • If you are creating a list with image view list by kodular builder then I’ll use some extension to create the same.

  • Also I won’t except ads as it’s paid.

  • Also there are many component’s not available in different builders , They will be replaced by human[with 99% accuracy]

  • You can also use paid extensions , don’t be worried that I’ll take them , You can trust as an Indian Developer. No paid extensions will be harmed.

  • Also I am trying to edit user’s aia file with live screen sharing via some software like AnyDesk

This are some of privacy policy.

I agree with this but I have talked with @tanishraj , the result was to run my bussiness till AICO have atleast 99% accuracy to convert every aia.

This is like

No matters how much you decrease workload of humans by robots , Still you can’t replace the whole human by it because we are creature of mother nature :slightly_smiling_face:

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I am I correct?

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:100: % Correct how do you know ? :joy:

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I know that you talk hindi, because I follow your guides
Just, I guessed that you lived in Gujrat.

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This is common , I wanted to do something different :rofl:

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You are from Gujrat Vraj :grinning:
BTW, isn’t this topic now going off topic :sweat_smile:

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Yes , It’s going off topic @admin can you erase unwanted messages in this post ?

What does Vraj means?

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It’s official name by my grandmother :joy: :joy:

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does @Your_UI knows you?

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  • Terms and Conditions Applied

Yes , He is my old enemy by the the way @Your_UI we have stoped talking after you blocked me then why are we talking here


This prices won’t change till gujarat petrol prices won’t rises above 150inr +

Where did I block you?

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