How to use sidebar

here is my block and apk screenshot…why sidebar not showing .how to solve this issue

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Did you check with .apk if not then check ones

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yes this is apk screenshot

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u can try this is not showing


You have to open the menu using this block -

this error is showing…open block is for drawer open

This menu item blocks is used to add items in 3dots on top corner If you want to make side bar then go through this article


@OdiaTech_Center I think you do not initialized side bar read this How write sidebar block

is this for create niotron default sidebar item.

Yes this blocks add item in sidebar but first you need to initialize sidebar in a a

kindly tell me niotron have default sidebar or not…or we use custom sidebar


Yes with the blocks that you sent.

but i tried multiple time with different aspect almost one day is wasted on this …and search on youtube…i did not find my solution…i would b greatfull if u send me a aia creating a sidebar with this block. thank u brother

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Send me dm I can help you

how send i do not found any personal msg option here

Click in my picture then click on message

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i did not found any option here

After clicking on my picture do you see a picture click on that

Leave that use this aia
test.aia (1.8 KB)