How to set custom font type from storage?

How to set label custom font type from storage?

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From which storage? Internal / external storage?

See also here:

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Please follow the instructions of Anke

I’m using this method to get the font list from, /storage/emulated/0/Pictures/MyFolder/Fonts/
Inside of Fonts folder all my ttf font list available, I’m successfully get all list into my app. But when I try to change font type with YourFont extension, the font type is not changing. Please help me, thanks in advance!

TestAIX.aia (573.1 Kb)

On Android 11+, YourFont doesn’t seem to have access to the ttf files (in this folder) as these files were not created by the app. Why don’t you upload the fonts to the assets (and use CustomFontTypeface)?

However, it should work on Android < 11.

Can I copy or move shared folder ttf files to ASD assets directory?

Actually I’m making a text editor app, where user can set there own fonts to label text.

There is a special extension version that allows this. However, this feature does not seem to have been implemented in the current version.


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