How To Secure Airtable Data

Recently, My 1 Friend told me that, An App Which Created using Niotron, Kodular are easy to hack. So I Give him My App’s Play Store link and he easily Hack it and send me user data which I store in Airtable.

My Question is How to secure data which I store in Airtable?

Search before posting.

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First of all, Niotron never says that your app is 100% secure only you can use different securities in your apps to make it secure and not only these App builders but android studios apps can also be easily hacked and the developer has the responsibility to make his app secure

I’m not blame Niotron, This is Just conversation. And I know that app security is depend on Creator.


And 2nd thing Airtable isn’t a database.

Q1- Why MIT,Niotron,Kodular app isn’t secure?
Ans : Cuz These are a drag and drop app builder, And 90% of these users don’t know about Java,Android security, Database security.

Q2- How to secure MIT,Niotron,Kodular app?
Ans : You have to know about Java,Android security, Database security.

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