Looking for extension or better way to hide texts, like APIs

Hi People,

I am looking for some good extensions or another secure way to hide API Keys or any text. Currently using the obfuscated text, but it’s security is not enough.

Any help will be appreciated

Encrypt your api key with RSA encryption method maybe this method 90% secure.

Note : You can’t secure your api key 100%. Cuz experienced decompiler can decompile your app.


Hacker can get your api key by network catching method.

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How exactly can I encrypt it with RSA ?

Can you show example with blocks?, with lets say the API key is niotron.com

10% is unsecure let see how skilled hacker can hack your app.

If you have any key or api key and you have used methods like rsa , aes etc to secure your key from hackers.

Now how hacker gonna get the key ?? :thinking:
Simple there will a point when your app will decrypt the key.

Lets understand this with an example.

I have a file and file is password protected and i have used aes or rsa method for encrypting the password.

But file do not accept the password in aes or rsa string.

At this point you need to decrypt string to get the original password.

Now password is decrypting within your app.

What hacker can do to get the password :key:?

Once password is decrypted Hacker will fetch the decrypted password text from your app.

There are several tools available for fetching data.

This process is not easy and i don’t think a skilled hacker will try to hack small apps or maybe hacker will :thinking:.

There is no 100% secure.


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