How to Protect app from hackers, apk editors?

I recently heard about APK EDITOR STUDIO. I visited its site, So i am worry about my apps,
i have point earning app, i am using firestore, is it possile to hack my app made in niotron
if yes, what are most important thing to keep in mind while making a app which interacts with databases.

Niotron team should be more serious about our app security

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I think all the application which are also made with Android Studio can be extracted, therefore Niotron team can’t do anything special on it, but yes, if it’s possible then Niotron team will look into it

Though I’m not sure

yes please share a guide on firebase and firestore Security rules? because it have to be always read write true. how can we use authenticated user read and write true?

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Can you tell me how Can I use firestore, because I need it.
And most Imp thing you can encript your API KEYS or any thing.

Write a strong rules for your database

Guide coming soon.

all the application which are also made with Android Studio can be decompile.

i came to know that firebase is a the only proper database (except Mysql).
there should be guide on firestore and firebase realtime database rules to avoid hacks
for those who think airtable is database, let me tell you that it has api request limit per second that is 5/sec
to verify try "for each number from 1 to 100 and store value

You can check my this guide.