How to launch app when time is 10 am?

If i remove, screen lock,
( when time is 10 am, app will on the screen and auto launch the app.)
Is it possible?

This need a strong extension just like @Kumar Made (Tasks Extension)

I remember @Krish made one such extension, @MJ_BUNNY_T.V you can search on and you will definitely find it

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Ig this is the one , that I have circled

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if my screen is off then also it will work ? How it will on my screen.


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@Krish might be able to help you better In this

Altho its for my personal app, i like to make every of my app automatic, but for personal use i cant use paid extension.

This feature will be added along with the new release of Tasks Extension.


wow ! nice to see this and

hear this

but if phone screen is off. how it will work.

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I have not tested that.

As i say … launch app at 10 am, so it mean i will be not there to screen on my phone

Yes because the screen is off :)

But this is system/coding to screen on / yes but it cant unlock screen but it can on the screen. Function in background launch app is not a big deal. Jus the issue is on the screen.
For that an extension developer will be needed.

What exactly are we talking about here? Where is the problem?
Please explain this in simple, understandable words …

Actuly i am trying to create an app , For example:
when time will be 10 am or 4 am , '(when every one will be sleeping)
the app will auto screen will be on ( as i will not lock or put lock with password)
then it will launch the app .

With Taifun’s AlarmManager extension there is a notification even if the screen is locked (in idle / sleep mode).

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but in screen sleep/off : app cannot be launch

Fortunately not … :upside_down_face:

So first screen on sud be done. by the app. and it is posible in android studio.