How to import kodul@r's aia in Niotron without any error?

Normally we import aia project in the same builder. But i am trying to open Kodlar’s aia file in NIotron, it shows error named “An internal error has occurred. Report a bug?”.
So, please provide me an efficient solution. So that I can save time.


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Remove the components from kodul@r aia that are not there in niotron

I’m also do that. I removed component like slidebar, web views.
I’m also converted aia via AICO tool but not worked. can i send you aia file?

Remove space because in niotron they are using different name for sapce it’s called spacer

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If the AIA file size is more then 1MB, It’ll give you renaming error.
To fix this 1st make a copy of aia file then open it using WINRAR or any ZIP tool and then remove all assets from the assets folder

now upload the aia and it’ll get converted.

now download the zip and extract it to any folder
Now copy all assets from the main aia file to the assets folder and make a zip > rename .zip to .aia


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