How to import koduular aia

cant add koduular aia
pls help me

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sorry i used the wrd kodula

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What components are there in your app?

many crd views ,btns labels,many things how to tell

Remove all card views and re-insert it

but y
pls tell :neutral_face:

u only see how many card views re there

no worries
i will make them again even more great here

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Importing from another builder always causes problems. The best way is to rebuild the whole project from scratch.

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also i heard somewhere
ur projects get deleted here

This is not the place to talk about it!


We never delete anyone’s data. Even if we make major changes in server, we always give enough time to users to backup.


so i am onn 1st update
in 2nd update i will backup (idk how to backup)
nor aia of last version wrks

We are aware of the cardview of previous version not working properly. A patch will fix it


and a community feature isnt there

You need to reach tl2.

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you cant you have to start your project from scratch other wise you will get an error every time

this is a 5 months old topic no need to make it active and i know that tho

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