How To Download Image show in gallary and show a notifiaction

How To Download Image From A Url
Sample Image URL :link:
Show In Gallary ( I Used taifun tools ) Not Worked For Me
And How to Show A Notifiaction On Top When Downloaded or

When User Click On That Notifiaction Show A option To Open Image

Show your blocks

The GalleryRefresh method needs an absolute or full path and not only the fileName.

On some devices / Android versions it needs an absolute path. So I always use this one.

See also here:

file:///storage/emulated/0/Android/data/packageName/files/your file name

Maybe like this

This is a full path pointing to the ASD. The OP wants to download to the /Download folder and display the image in the Gallery. So the path should be an absolute path, like: /storage/emulated/0/Download/<fileName>.

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Can I Download any image in ASD
if Yes Then How??

Yes you can, but then the image will not show up in Gallery on devices running Android 11+, as this directory is not visible there.

So you have to use one of the Shared folders (like /DCIM, /Pictures or /Download …) to make this possible.