How Can I add Image side by side?

I want to add image side by side but the the issue is I was unable to do so every time image go up or either down.

Use horizontal arrangement.

demo.aia (1.7 MB)

If Your Image Quantity Are Below Three Then Use Horizontal Arrangement Else Use Horizontal Scroll Arrangement and drop your images is horizontal scroll Arrangement One By One.

Also if you have a lot of images to show then you can use recycle view or dynamic components

How to open this? I’m a beginner

I don’ t know how to use these features as I’m new in this platform

Explore here what actually you want? That can help us to help you better suggestion or solutions.

I’m making a Guide app in which I want to add images side by side and if a user clicks on the images I want redirect them on a game website through custom chrome tab .
I Hope you understand what I’m trying to explain.
Sorry for bad English

Hello @Parthconsul,
According to your requirement I have made an small aia for you

This is the aia file

test.aia (1.6 MB)

Download this, and then follow the following steps

  1. Go to


Click the highlighted button

Drag your file to this box

Click on the Import Button and wait for it to load

Now you can edit this file according to you

Hope it will help you Thank you


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Also Remember this Post #03

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Image Quantity is much higher 10 15 Image I have to use and As I said earlier I’m new in this so I don’t know what is Recycler view or Dynamic Components

You can use any image, just uploaded it in assets and then in the properties of image set pictures to it

And for RecyclerView this is a guide

Then Take A Horizontal Scroll Arrangement And Do The Above Tutorials Shared By @Horizon

Thank you sir for you help

Your most welcome dear :slightly_smiling_face:

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