Help solving this bug ?


When a user opens our app with a specific device, the app instantly crashes and this message shows

Can anyone help us what could cause this issue ?

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**If it could be helpful, **
according to playconsole reports, this crash is happening only to devices with:

Android 7.0 (SDK 24)
Android 6.0 (SDK 23)
Android 7.1 (SDK 25)

We have reasons to believe it’s a Niotron related issue. Perhaps extension or sdk problem.
Can we get a response from Niotron Support on this ?

I’m sure some extension is causing the error. I was also having this issue last week after adding an extension to the project. Resolved after deleting it.

My first question is that how are you able to see this error with apk
2nd is there any error or alert in your code
3rd show all the extensions you are using

Thank you

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  1. Our app is available worldwide on Google Play. I see from Playconsole in the past 30-40 Days, this crash occured 7,518 times. I tested on a Device Redmi 4X, Android 7.1.2 and the app instantly crashes upon opening. I was able to retrieve this log from my Device, and compared it to the stack trace… it’s the same.

  2. There should not be any error in the code, because this crash is only happening on certain devices with Android Version 7.0 (SDK 24) , 7.1 (SDK 25) , 6.0 (SDK 23) I just saw there is another report of this issue happening in Android Versions 5.0 (SDK 21) and 5.1 (SDK 22). We have a wide variety of userbase and are able to see stack traces in many devices. I have not seen this issue in any other Android Version ( above 7.1 ) and as I mentioned this crash occured to thousands of different users.
    This is the link to our app in Google Play -
    This crash is happening in the public version of the app
    I am almost certain this is also caused by some extension, and we will try to figure which one, by deleting 1 by 1 and testing.

  3. I am sending screenshots of our extensions


Any help will be greatly appreciated

A link to our app in Google Play will help ?
This crash can occur if you download it from a Device using Android Version 7.0 (SDK 24) , 7.1 (SDK 25) , 6.0 (SDK 23)

Do you remember which extension exactly you removed ?

I can pay if someone help us figure what exactly causes those issues, it’s urgent.

I tried removing 13 of the extensions (AlphaDialog,ScrollHandler,FloatingView,HackProtect,NotificationStyle,TaifunTools,FlipAnimation,RegEx,SHA512,ListUtils,cryptoextension,ViewsConvert,SimpleChart
But the app was still crashing.

I could not build apk without RandomGenerator,JSONTools and DynamicComponents, but I doubt it would work correctly without any of those 3.

Here is a full Stack Trace

at (SourceFile:548)
at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke (Native Method)
at gnu.expr.PrimProcedure.apply (
at gnu.mapping.CallContext.runUntilDone (
at gnu.mapping.CallContext.runUntilValue (
at gnu.expr.GenericProc.applyN (
at gnu.kawa.reflect.Invoke.applyN (
at gnu.mapping.ProcedureN.apply3 (
at$PcSetAndCoerceProperty$Ex (runtime7196715921429438916.scm:1365)
at$Ex (runtime7196715921429438916.scm:197)
at com.niotron.roasterearndeveloping.RoasterEarnNiotron.Login.lambda75 (Login.yail:382)
at com.niotron.roasterearndeveloping.RoasterEarnNiotron.Login$frame.apply0 (Login.yail:15)
at gnu.expr.ModuleBody.applyN (
at com.niotron.roasterearndeveloping.RoasterEarnNiotron.Login$frame.applyN (Login.yail)
at gnu.expr.ModuleMethod.applyN (
at gnu.kawa.functions.ApplyToArgs.applyN (
at gnu.mapping.ProcedureN.apply1 (
at com.niotron.roasterearndeveloping.RoasterEarnNiotron.Login.$define (Login.yail:10274)
at (SourceFile:398)
at (SourceFile:352)
at com.niotron.roasterearndeveloping.RoasterEarnNiotron.Login.onCreate (Login.yail:10005)
at (
at (
at (
at (
at (
at$H.handleMessage (
at android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage (
at android.os.Looper.loop (
at (
at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke (Native Method)
at$ (
at (

How are you using dynamic components extension i have a doubt
The extension you are using is outdated use the latest one and show your blocks of Dynamic component where you are making a label

Finally, after months of digging into this issue, we found the reason! It took so much effort and time, but we found it.

We tried many options, to remove all extensions 1 by 1, we even recreated many blocks from different screens, but no luck. This crash kept on happening.

And today we figured the issue, at last
Earlier this week we found leads that some Labels are causing the issue. We tried removing all labels from a screen, and the crash did not occur anymore.

Here is the solution. This crash was happening due to the JustifyContent. After we unchecked this in all of our Labels, the issue was fixed!
To repeat, this crash was only happening on some devices with lower Android OS, such as 7.0, 6.0, 5.0 and lower SDK, but since our app has thousands of active users, we were seeing a huge percentage of this crash in PlayConsole, but now it’s gone.
I also tested this on a totally different app, and was also crashing.

If someone has this crash, the reason is in JustifyContent on Labels


Can anyone tell me what exactly is JustifyContent used for ?


Let me also check and if the error exists then it will be fixed soon and i personally never used this so I don’t know much about it

The error definitely exists. I tested also on empty apk, just added a Label and checked JustifyContent, the apk instantly crashes when opening.

As I said only happening in some devices with Android OS - 5.0 , 6.0 , 7.0 with lower SDK (25,26,27)
Out of thousands occurances in PlayConsole, never seen someone have it with Android 8.0 and Higher.

I’m not sure why previous developer checked it, as it seems it’s not doing anything, than causing mass uninstalls hehe.

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