App is not opening in some devices

Can you post the apk or aia file ? @Devendra_Singh

Atleast show full blocks


there is no flash screen.

following screen is browser screen

Disable the Screen1.Initialize event block and try again …

You can send me the aia via PM, I can take a look.

Yes, Of Course

Try to add a launcher icon (app icon) to the assets …

i already did that.

there is no building issues. app run well in android 10-12.

app dosn’t open in android 7.1(SDK 25)

No issue to open the app (APK) on Android 7.0 (Samsung Galaxy S6).

i have two users compalint which has Xiaomi Redmi 6A and Xiaomi Redmi 5A with Android version: Android 7.1 (SDK 25), say open app doesn’t open…

Then ask them if they get an error message.

And what you should always do, check beforehand if you are getting any error messages from the Google Pre-launch Report.

Various test devices with different Android versions are available there, which test your app for discrepancies / bugs in advance.

I have NEVER (and will never) release an app on the Play Store without having at least 1 Pre-launch report done first.

Such a problem would most likely have been reported there!

Upload a new internal test track to the Google Play Developer Console, wait for the Pre-launch report and see what issues / bugs are there …

So should I try google pre-launch report before launching the app.

But now how to fix the misbihave of this app.?

Exactly on this way.

Find the bug, fix it and upload the fixed version as a new test track. If you do not get any issues / bugs with the new version release it as the production version.

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solving myself… :thinking: :thinking:

thanks for giving your valueable times.

If there are any issues/bugs, you will get a stack trace from the Pre-launch report.
Analyze it and then fix it.

Do you use JustifyContent in any label of you project?

I was facing the same in one of the screens and it was cause by this.

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