Help Me How to solve

Help Me

Import this component and try again

and also see this guide

and here is an aia
App_test.aia (2.5 KB)

After App Build And Install Its Not Showing In My Mobile Or Opening

Share me the apk

i am really sorry i am not comfortable sharing APK
Can u share any possible Reasons for this error thanks

A doctor can tell any cure without seeing the patient the same case in applications i can’t tell which thing is causing the error :slightly_smiling_face:

Set Package name

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Thank You For all of u … its working after removing one HD PHOTO from app

i want to know test ads working while development in companion but not showing test ads after installing in mobile why ?\

Did u locked ur play store or after clicking install app did u redirected to play store or showing u pattern lock …then u have to unlock then install again it will work

Hello you must type your admob id in the niotron and for the other issue of app not instal be sure that you delet other app has same ackage name and try again