[Guide] How To Use Download Component

Hello Neotron Users
Today I Will Show You How To Use The Download Component

I think It will be helpful for new users

Step 1 – Drag Downloader Component from the storage section

Step 2 --Set Block Like This On Screen Initialise
Niotron (2)
Step --3 Use Block According to your need

Sample Aia –
DownloadComponent.aia (3.6 KB)

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There is no need of any permission if you save file in shared folder like download! If You save file in aother folder then you need permissions! This block is ok for less then android 11 but this will not work in android 11. Do you have sollution for android 11 ?

Yes, if you download to one of the Shared folders on Android 11+ no storage permissions should be required.

No, you cannot download to an aribitrary folder (like /myFolder etc.) or the root dir of the external storage on Android 11+.

In addition, WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE does no longer exist on Android 11+.

See also here.

So WRITE permission should be requested this way: