Google Sign in Success bug

Describe the bug in detail…

After Selecting email for Google sign in as bellow image

Google sign in Success is not triggered but instead google sign in fail triggered every time.

What i have make to test this issue

And this is what come every time

This app was working fine before last update.


Niotron not even giving fix date :expressionless::expressionless:

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What fix date are you talking about?

For firebase auth fix


This is not about initialization, i have follow the above link steps and success in initialization but now Google sign in success not triggered

Iam not facing any issue like that

Verify your sha1 key and package name with firebase

After 2.7.0 patch, sign in is not working.


Mine was working fine :unamused:

Even my was working fine but now. It painful because i need to update my app because has many bugs


Please announce us to know if its bug because i have go through all above refered topic still not working​:sob:

There is no bug share the blocks setup

@iAditya-Nanda @abhijith
See my block here till today i get sign in fail :sob:



The results all time


user can use password from there gmail or? because the app has 5k+ users and those was using this method. Changing this method will result bug from app or?

@iAditya-Nanda @Rijjulogy @abhijith @Blogging_Bro
Check my test apk and aia file bellow.

signtest.aia (3.8 KB)

signtest.apk (5.6 MB)

From my self i get this error after selecting a sign in email

What cause this connection disable

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Please reply

I am getting this error text
“ The connection to Google Play services was lost due to service disconnection”

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