Get Offline Video List In Niotron App

I am trying to make a video player app , but i am got a problem , please help me !

File_System.aia (33.0 KB)

Please Help Me

And that would be which one?

Do not get videolist please help me @Anke

Try this (it should work on all Android versions):
listFilesFromIntExtSDcard.apk (4.7 MB)

@Anke Can You Give Me The AIA File Of This Apk
Please :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:

So does this app (APK) work on your test devices?

@Anke this apk work properly please give me the aia file

Ok, first let’s see how the result is on your test device. Post a screenshot.

On my test device it looks like this (for mp3)

and it should be reversed (so intSDcard = 42 and extSDcard = 712 are swapped).
A small oversight on my part.

@Anke look like this in my phone

listFilesFromIntExtSDcard2.apk (4.7 MB)


Btw, this doesn’t work (you always get → false. So I used another way):

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@Anke Thanks Sir :pray: :pray: :pray:
Sir, everything is fine, the files are coming but the files of the hidden folders are coming, how to stop them :grinning:

Remove all files from the list that contains a dot (.) in its folder,
for example: /storage/emulated/0/.hiddenFolder/

It would be easier if you could tell me how
Please Sir

Easier for you or for me? :wink:
Try something yourself for a change and if you get stuck we’ll see…


Btw, on my Android 11+ test devices it does not list files from hidden folders. But on Android 9 it does.
Anyway, do what I suggested.

@Hahahah Anke is She


Btw, my hint has nothing - absolutely nothing - to do with genderism! Of course, I totally and completely reject this nonsense (bul*sh**)!!!

However, recognizing from my profile picture that I’m not a man shouldn’t be that difficult.

@Anke Sorry madam , I didn’t understand at first, please forgive me :pleading_face: :pleading_face: :pleading_face:

Hello Madam , I am trying to hide hidden folder videos , but those are also visible
Please Help Me :pray:
and again sorry foy my mistake :face_holding_back_tears:

Then show what you’ve tried so far.


i am trying to create a video player app , so i get only videos
Please Help Me