Get Offline Video List In Niotron App

Try this one:
listFilesFromIntExtSDcard_2.apk (4.7 MB)

Does it work on your test device?

Work Fine But , App cache videos are added in list , please remove this madam

You should first be clear about which videos should be listed and which should not.

@Anke I am trying to create a video player app like mx player , you know in any video player app , videos are listed in listview , i am trying to get all video type files list , but in niotron no any options to get this , then i am trying to get videos using extension , but there are problem this extension get all videos , like cache , unity ads , and hidden folders videos , so please help me , how to get videos like mx player in list view
Please Help Me

Exclude all paths from which no videos should be listed.

hidden folders , cache videos of unity ads, asd videos , please remove thems . i am trying get only videos

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As I said before, exclude all paths you don’t want videos to be listed from or just specify paths you want videos to be listed from.

So for example: exclude the ASD by only allowing paths that don’t contain the ASD.

How to remove hidden files and cache files can you tell me Please

AFAIK, you can only hide folders, not individual files.

Again, for the third time: remove all files from the list, that contain a dot (.) in the folder and all files that contain e.g. the ASD etc.

I’ve never used Unity ads (or any ads at all, and never will) so I can’t tell you much about it.