[Free] VideoLayout extension


Sets A Video as a background of a layout
this extension is like how you set background image of a layout in same way this set background video of a layout

Add a picture of all the blocks


Extension will only work in APK if you will test in companion the whole screen will get blank



Download link

com.aktech.videolayout.aix (15.8 KB)

If you find any bugs please reply in this topic

Demo Blocks


:heart_eyes: nice extension bro and thank you for free

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your welcome @killer

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Awesome extension buddy… :smiley:
It would be great if you can share some blocks screenshot so that others can know How to use it. Also you can create docs of your extension in seconds using extension docs generator.
Visit this url Appinventor Extensions Docs | Home


that is a great website i will right now edit my topic and add the docs

Demo Blocks and docs added

play video online link ???

Great Extension Thanks For Share


sorry i did not understand

Does it support online video links?

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yes it does :wink: :wink: :smiley: :smiley: :smile: :smile:

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hey @tanishraj i am not able to edit my post is there a reason???

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I have made your post Wiki post, now you may try to edit.


Well everyone here is a big fix

  1. Now video will not show controls
  2. Added OnVideoPrepared, OnVideoComplete, OnVideoError, OnVideoInfo Events
  3. Removed ID System use Any Component blocks instead
  4. Any now this extension is made with Rush thanks to @Shreyash
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the docs has been shifted to my website -
with download link of extension

New blocks -
added SetLooping, IsLooping, IsPrepared, GetMinVolume, GetMaxVolume, GetCurrentVolume, SetVolume

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