ECPM, Bid rate, are going down?

ECPM, Bid rate, are going down, per day was 3 usd now 0.90 usd what is going wrong, in every ads network, but my apps are running normal.

@MJ_BUNNY_T.V which ads network you are talking about

Admob, facebook, aplovin, badly going down, ad requests are normal but impression down. income 80% down.

Maybe this is due to SDK’s versions…

I am waiting from long time no update its more then 5 to 6 month no update… Main thing is SDK update, we came to Niotron becouse Niotron give facebook sdk update fast, now see too late.

@MJ_BUNNY_T.V I don’t know when the update will come but the beta is updated with the SDK update and it will be pushed once the update is stable

If niotron will take 6 to 8 month to update sdk , new sdk will be launch by facebook/Meta. Then niotron user will wait another 6 to 8 month, ultimately Niotron user will be in loss. And user will search alternative of Niotron.

why dont Niotron, find a solution of it.,

Meta latest version SDK is: Latest version available: 6.17

@MJ_BUNNY_T.V As per Abhijith’s message he told that niotron is working on a new system where they can update the SDKs more fast and in a easy, but still i can’t say anything llike when it’s going to come