Download multimedia from WebView

Before creating the post I searched the community and found no answer, I have tried several methods and they have not worked.

I have an app that consumes an API to download videos from TikTok, the video link looks like this:|0|0|0&cv=1&br=1172&bt=586&cs=0&ds=6&ft=iJOG.y59Zro0PDeHsVMaQ93aaKl6JE.C0&mime_type=video_mp4&qs=0&rc=Njw0ODQ0ZmU3OjtoZmQ5N0BpamZyajM6ZmY5aTMzNzgzM0AvMl5hLzEuX2AxYDVhNWMuYSM1M2RtcjRnbWVgLS1kLzZzcw%3D%3D&l=202302090330074C1062E0A80A6C0689E7&btag=80000

When I open it in an external browser the download option works perfectly but from the WebView it doesn’t work.

I have tried this

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Check How to use Download Compoent